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On Rest And How To Find It

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The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Broke Creatives

Embracing Each Second As If To Say: I Love You

Your Ticket!

How To Do An End Of Year Audit

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Go With Yourself!

On Intuition, Change & The Bear

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The Curated Muse: Books I Want to Read

all the mistakes i made in my career so far (so you don‘t have to make them, though if you‘re anything like me you‘ll do them anyway) | part 1

It's Time to Let Things Die Off Slowly

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How I Wrote My Essay Collection in 2 Months


on excellence: must i write?

Write an Essay Collection in 6 Months

Summer Break | Plus: 10 Substacks You Should Be Reading Now

False Starts | Part 2

False Starts | Part 1

Between Two Tongues

Full On: What is Rat Girl Summer?

Moving In



Moving Out

On pressing pause


June Creative Writing Workshops

Wow, I'm a Bestseller!

Yes, life has still not turned out the way that I thought

A list of things that helped write my book

Cold Water

What Makes Us Stay

Nothing ever

"I Think I Actually Hate My Phone" Says Woman Who Cannot Stop Scrolling

All the small things

Make this spring your writing season!

I often wonder why I'm not THERE yet and I'm afraid: I know now why.

New Class Announcement!

Low-Energy-Girl: Let the potato rest!

On Great Expectations: How to breakup with a friend? | PART 2

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Letters to a Broken Heart - Series

On Great Expectations: if we’re all people-pleasers now, then?

Chaotic Energy – Or I Don't Know How To Behave

Finding My Edge

Where does the love go?

I wonder if things will calm down now

I’ll just read a book instead

Kissing Girls

Meet me in the Muse Salon

I hate to admit it but cleaning my room has never failed me

The Curated Muse – The 5 most popular Muse Letters of all time

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On Talent and Tenacity

Fuck This Then

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