Sitemap - 2021 - The Muse Letter

A Hibernation List

End of Year Brain – Rien Ne Va Plus

On Teenage Nostalgia: What is this life?

What I mean when I say I don't like flying

There is no arriving. (I hate that.)

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Broke Creatives

Losing Agency In Romantic Relationships Or: The Subconscious Is A Mother****

Will I Ever Stop Dreaming About My Math Teacher?

On Feeling Weird

Someone wants to curse some landlords this Halloween? Hit me up!

Furnished Feelings – A short story

Thoughts Interrupted

How Heavy I Have Gotten

You're not having a f**** cup of tea

If it's not a "HELL YES!" it's a "Why Not?"

A List Of Things I Look Forward To This Autumn

Coming Home Blues

The Big Summer Break

Midsummer Reflections

Constellations Of Light

Cutting Tall Grass

A list of things I look forward to this Summer

And How Are You Growing In This Moment?

MUSE :: INTERVIEW with Katherine May the author of "Wintering"

The Right To Uncertainty

On Apathy: The Rot Girl Summer

On male fragility: I want to see it

Hello self-sabotage nice to see you again!

It’s time to begin again

MUSE :: INTERVIEW with Fern Brady: " I like to create memorable bits that hopefully help people feel less alone or weird"


Arthouse films that I recently watched and what I thought while watching them

Traditions and where they find us

MUSE :: INTERVIEW with Chloe Sheppard "If I don’t see a reason to do something, I'm just gonna let it be."

A list of things that I look forward to this spring

Look at this stuff, isn't it neat?

On Morning Pages or I just can't be bothered

MUSE :: INTERVIEW with Charlotte A. Moore: "I realised I’m not as introverted as I thought"

Take care of yourself, again

The Loss Connection

Never taking drugs in Berlin

Hol den Vorschlaghammer! [Get the sledgehammer!]

MUSE :: INTERVIEW with Olivia Sudjic: "It helps if you at least have a plan of your day written down to deviate from.”

On false plateaus

How to begin this year?

On Hibernation: Everything is very unsure, which is exactly what I find comforting // Part 4