A list of things I look forward to this Summer

The Muse Letter No. 60

This one’s about hope.

midsommar, flower crowns on sunkissed hair, sitting at the beach, drunkenly singing songs of decades past

daisies, putting them in and on everything. They’re edible did you know?

elderflower cordial, last year I missed my chance. Everyday I passed by numerous blossoms thinking, I need to get lemons and citric acid and then I’ll make my own elderflower cordial but I never did, so this year I AM SO DETERMINED!!! AND IT WILL FUCKING HAPPEN!

camping, and that moment when you wake up and your body is all warm in a sleeping bag and your feet aren’t cold at all anymore

staying in, having the luxury of a sunny day and staying in, glancing out of the window occasionally lying on the bed and just reading because I’m too lazy to go out and at peace with it all

bonfires, lighting a fire when the cool air hits your arms and bare legs, your face shining in the soft glow of auburn flames and the comforting silence of just staring into them for hours

family, that moment, that first hug, and that second and third I’ve been missing for way too long

poetry, writing and reading and letting words be pockets of comfort to sink my hand into like this one by Frank O’Hara

books, this summer I’m going to make myself acquainted to Lydia Davis

holidays, actual ones with all my hope and courage I booked a flight to Spain this August, for endless days of sunshine, heat permeating my body, to try new dishes and helplessly make my tongue rrrrroll: I hold onto it for dear life


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And How Are You Growing In This Moment?

“‘Vulnerability is a path towards strength.’ I read the other day somewhere on Instagram and I write it down in my diary, underlining it twice.

– But mostly it sucks. I really fucking hate it. Every time I feel vulnerable I feel like smashing something or hurting someone back or making the other feel just as nerve-rackingly thin skinned as I am: And then I don’t do it because I’m not an asshole but it’s not fun. It takes all of me. Every ounce of patience.“

Click here to read it.

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