A List Of Things I Look Forward To This Autumn

The Muse Letter No. 66

Leaving the window open these days is a gamble. Hard to distinguish the cool nights from the still warm ones. A blue sky can trick you into wearing a skirt with a woolen jumper. September marks for me that passing point to Autumn. So here are the things I’m looking forward to:

dried flowers artefacts of a summer well spend

soups made out of everything that can be cooked and mashed like broccoli, pumpkin, carrot, parsnip, potato, all of them together with ginger and spices and créme

going to the cinema and letting yourself slip into another world whilst holding a hot bag of popcorn and that strange feeling after the credits roll and you step into an early autumn evening somewhat grappling with coming back to reality again

candles to light them in the morning and evening, on the bedside table, watching their dancing shadows

preserving making a big pot of caponata to last till at least early winter

weekend trips to villages nearby, hiking along the coastal path

wild swimming dipping in the cool ocean early morning, wanting to scream, actually screaming, running out again, skin all red and exhilarated

yoga (again) trying to get back into the habit knowing that time is not the problem

reading (more) and be ruthless with books that do not entertain to leave behind unfinished

darkroom developing the rolls of films I have shot over the last year and immerse myself in the process of purely concentrating on printing the perfect image

hosting dinner parties inviting new and old friends, bringing them all around one table, being deeply grateful for every bite shared together

sunrise and being awake for it, walking in the park, dusk rising

moving on and out of my lovely flat and into something incredibly new and exciting

I wish you all the loveliest autumn!




You know that feeling when you get a compliment or somebody offers you a job/opportunity and that voice in your head is telling you: Why you? You can’t do this! 

That’s in most cases: your imposter syndrome. 

The idea of this workshop is to first of all identify what IMPOSTER SYNDROME can look like in the first place and then to do several exercises and offer some tips and strategies about what you can do when this crippling feeling of: I’m not good enough hits too hard. 

What you’ll need: 

  • Pen and paper 

  • a nice beverage 

  • curiosity 

When/Where will it happen: 

07.09.2021 at 7.30 pm (UK-time, 8.30 German-time / That’s Tuesday evening) 

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"I'd like the one with the non-existential dread, please."


Coming Home Blues

“There are some leaves on the freshly cut grass already signaling the end of this summer, the end of August. It’s been a while since I walked this path with my dog Filou by my side. A month can be a very long time when you’ve been gone and wandering about.”

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