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End of Year Reflections

Winter Hermit Mode

– Intuitive New Year Tarot Oracle Offering –

Once more, with FEELING!

The (Lost) Empress: Nothing in your life will change if you keep looping on low self-worth

Be part of something fantastic XX

The (Lost) Empress | Part 1

GUEST MUSE LETTER SERIES: I want to have voices – On Hélène Cixous' Medusa

On Myths & Muses | Theme of the month

Some Really Exciting NEWS! My second book of essays is coming out (hopefully)!

High and Mighty

Postcard from a Wanderer No. 3

Postcard from a Wanderer No. 2

Postcard from a Wanderer No. 1

Letters to a Broken Heart | Vol. 8

Letters to a Broken Heart | Vol. 6

Letters to a Broken Heart | Vol. 4

Resources for Heartbreak – Tell me all about it

Letters to a Broken Heart | Vol. 2

Guess what? – She is back, again!

Embracing Clichés

Unfortunately one cannot freeze emotions

Can an Oyster Tell Your Future?

Spontaneous House Party: Our stupid teenage selves

Rest and Relaxation Girl: Watch me slow-motion this

Wildflowers – And Where They Grow

On Wasting Your Sweetness

Lovenotes – The memories we wanted to make and didn’t get

A List Of Things I Look Forward To This Summer

GUEST MUSE LETTER SERIES: Who am I in a different language, do metaphors follow me?

We had been friends

There's A German Word For That

Based On A True Story: 5 Autobiographic Female Characters - Slightly Unbalanced

3.15 PM: So many ways to say Goodbye

Guest Muse Series | On Losing and Finding my Words: Reflections on Autobiographic Writing

Talking To Deborah Levy: As If

Everything Shiny And New

- A Mosaic

In Case You Feel Like Your Life Amounts To Nothing – Letter in an Emergency

A List of Things I Look Forward to this Spring

Doing Hard Things: Self-publishing, Art & Validation

Becoming A Gardening Goddess

Are you giving up space? How to stop people-pleasing

Doing Hard Things: Receiving A Lot Of Rejections And How Do We Feel About It?

Hooking my boyfriend on 'Love Is Blind' and everything that happened after

I feel so empty. I feel like Brandenburg.

Falling out of time or Things that don't work anymore after you hit 30 or Whatever is over

Keep it simple, stupid.

Apparently This One Is About Horses

Early Spring Cleaning

Soufflé of Survival

Things I Look Forward to this (Rest of) Winter

This Is Still Winter