The Big Summer Break

The Muse Letter No. 64

I need to be a desert for a while.

Nothing to grow on me but wind caressing my face and body and heat waves rolling over me, lulling me into a sweet harmonious sleep. I need to dry up like the Rose of Jericho, all crumbly and fragile on the outside, condensing my energy into a tiny little ball, waiting for rain. “It can survive for years in that form, though it is sometimes uprooted and blown by the wind like a tumbleweed.”1

I dream of myself floating around, uprooted with no compass to guide me, at the mercy of strong winds to carry me forward into the unknown.

Or maybe it is not wind that I am waiting for but: smoke. Like the fire lilies sitting in the soil of the South African landscape half-asleep, half-anticipating to finally bloom after a raging fire.

– All I know is that everything needs to slow down for a while and come to a halt. I know this now because I have been fantasizing about getting sick and thus not being able to do anything again. Something that always signals me: It’s about high time to take my foot off the gas. And it’s been on there for a long hot minute now. 

I need to strip things to its necessities. Only 100ml liquids allowed on this plane. I’m in the midst of finishing my first novel draft with five weeks to go and if I don’t want this plane to crash everything else has to stay on the ground. And this also means taking a little break here with the promise that the rain and smoke will come and I’ll be back in full bloom in mid-August.

Till then I have something very special to announce today, if you haven’t already seen it on my instagram:


Everything 50% off today !!!


Yes. It’s true. EVERYTHING!


So if you feel like you’ll miss my writing I highly recommend reading “Things I Have Noticed” a book of essays I have written last year during the peak of the pandemic madness. Or if you’re German speaking and into graphic novels, I’ve published two.

And if you have already read all the things I’ve ever written, including all the Muse Letters, I hope you’ll know that taking a break after 64 consecutive Sundays is a really good idea and an invitation to take a break for yourself if you feel like it looking forward to what is to come. Because I do so much.

See you in a month!

Lots of love,




“Half a year has gone by. That’s just a mere fact, you will all have noticed looking at the calendar in the past days. Summer to me has never been a time to reflect much to be honest. We’re in the middle of things why look back now? – Was usually my approach. I want to enjoy the pinnacle, the heat (what little I can get in Scotland), endless nights, even when technically they are getting shorter now but emotionally and actually we’re furthest away from Winter: so why bother?”

read it here

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