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About the author:

I’m a writer and visual artist based in Edinburgh. Originally from Germany, I write in English and German. I studied playwriting at the University of Arts in Berlin and my first book of essays “Things I Have Noticed” was published in 2020. I am currently writing on my second book “Things I Have Loved”. Coming out Valentines day 2023!

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What is the Muse Letter about?

I write personal essays, short or longer observations on pop culture, and sometimes I interview interesting artists. I'm interested in the moments that begin when we look away from the person we are talking to. That pause we make when we are just about to form an opinion. And to write that down.

I started the Muse Letter in May 2020 during the turbulent times of the first lockdown to inspire and feel connected to the outside world. Now almost two years later I have gained over 2000 free subscribers and over a hundred paying subscribers. The goal is to reach at least 500 paid subscriptions as it would ensure a sustainable work practice and would also lead to more content and cool things I could do with this project when not worried about money all the time.

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“A distinct literary voice.” Bringing you personal essays about the meanderings of life.


Sophia Hembeck

Sophia Hembeck is a writer and visual artist based in Edinburgh. Her first book of essays “Things I Have Noticed” was published 2020. Her second book of essays “Things I Have Loved” came out in February 2023.

Lachrista Greco

She/Her. Femme. MA & MLIS. Creator of The Guerrilla Feminist on Instagram. Writer. Speaker. Curator. Librarian. Strega.